You can’t keep dancing with the devil and ask why you’re still in hell
― Something my friend told me the other day (via jasfuckinq)

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Introversion is like the seed in the soil; you need to nourish yourself before you can go out into the world to spread all your lovely petals of your own flower. Extroversion at best is the seed reaching the sun; to grow from the soil and become a bud ready to blossom. To spread your inner self (intuition) to the environment (energies all around you). As Carl Jung believed, you really must achieve the goals of both to become whole with everyone and with the universe. Only then can we really grow after our seed has been planted and flowered by our own care. Sharing ourselves to others increases our very nature, we love to give with so much heart. Heart is the root to our creator, for he is a blessing and always teaching us lessons. There is so many chances your life would not have existed, but you are. We all are, and here to spread our wisdom onto each other. We’re all truly equal. Truly Devine, no one greater than the next. But there are only levels onto which each of us has undergone with their inner self; the fatigues and heartbreaks of life but only until they themselves are nourished can we truly nourish one another. That’s what I live for. I am at the point were I am nourishing myself and I am a bud. I need to truly find the way to let my petals open. Slowly I am learning. Here as I write, a layer of my inner being is projected onto the world. I’ll grow from everything I share that’s within me. I hope to only spread love into all I do. There is no need to go back, only to reflect. I already received those lessons and was rewarded.
― osla xoiha (via aztecaenrose)
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